A Rethink on Leonard Cohen’s Near Immortal Line

Having re-read the #LeonardCohen near immortal line “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”, I got to wondering if perhaps the light might have already been inside attempting an escape. And if that was the case then what that might say to the journey of becoming a someone.

A four sentence poem + a 3 minutes film …

North, East, South and West

Four friends set out
from where
they stood.

One went North.

One East.

Another South.

The last one, West.

Each in search of …

A Note From Hal

A viewer of six years, now perhaps an ex-viewer,
name of Hal added this note to an
unsubscribe request :

‘I wish you all the best Nic.
You’ve been good company.
But I need to walk alone.’

It struck me as important …