Nic Askew

‘… I am not entirely certain why I am able to do this but I am certain that this is what I do. I have the capacity to see people deeply. And I am able to elicit and capture on film the experience of inner worlds. It seems important because this is where truth lies. And with truth comes clarity. And with clarity comes vast possibility. This is what I do. For the courageous, its application is far reaching.’


Nic is a Former (Geographical) Explorer and (Business) Managing Director. Now a Teacher, Educator, Poet, Philosopher, Film Maker,  Coach and Disruptive Influence. He is the creator of Soul Biographies (®), which includes the search for ‘The Soul of America‘. All his work is in the arena of the Transformation of the Human Experience using his unique Dynamic Truth Process.

SOMEWHERE IN THOSE DEPTHS ~ the causes of much of what happens in our lives lie far deeper than we imagine. Yet we seldom look far enough beneath the surface. The films, words, images, observations and unprotected conversations of Nic Askew consider the many elements of our lives, work and society at an unusual depth. And in doing so, opens our eyes wide to what we might become.

THE CONGO, BOARDROOM & THE CAMERA ~ From expeditions in the Congo, Amazon and Sahara to a Managing Directorship in Business, Nic’s eclectic earlier life took an unexpected turn in 2005. He now makes Human Portraits in Black & White Film. Extremely close up. And extremely revealing of our common human experience.

PAIN, JOY & IN THE BETWEEN ~ He travels the world helping foundations articulate their courageous pathfinding notions, organizations find and reveal their soul, and most importantly, human beings express the emotion of their pain, their joy, and much in between. He also teaches his unique Dynamic Truth Process (also known as the Soul Biographies Method) in service to transformational businesses.


THE SOUL OF THIS HUMAN RACE ~ Nic has set out to capture ‘The Soul of This Human Race‘ on film, in all its shades and from all four corners. So that we might see ourselves reflected in each other. And come to remember that we each belong without condition.


His Soul Biographies series is followed faithfully by many around the world through his long running FILM OF THE WEEK. His insight on what it is that happens between the lens, the subject, and the viewer has profound implications for all.

Given the times we now inhabit, Nic is about to set off on a major inner exploration of the SOUL OF AMERICA.

GUITAR ~ Nic, self taught as he is with film-making, plays the guitar in most of his films. After being encouraged to do so by a GUITAR LEGEND. Imitation, an example, sits below. Others congregate on SOUNDCLOUD, and on the back of most films.


MONDAYS ~ Nic has been sharing his films & words most Mondays since 2005. You can join his Film List, add email and click GO.


PERSONALLY ~ at 52, he’s an Englishman living in the USA. With one wife, Caroline, who often reviews the films, and five children under 13. If you count the dog and the cat, which he does. See BELOW for photographs. He travels the world with his camera, imagination and sometimes his family. And edits from an attic studio finding peace amongst the chaos.






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7 of us live under the same roof. ‘I met Caroline in the Bahamas. A moment of certainty. Far beyond the more usual experience of wanting or believing. We married soon after. Caroline has been with me every step of the way along this fantastical untrodden journey in film, word and mystery. She ensures that I see what is obscured by my own immersion. From a missed split infinitive to the elusive clarity on major issues of the human experience.’ ~ NIC

And then there’s the rest of them, the family that is. See the photographs; Atlee, Ella, Gracie, the Dog and the Cat. Two whom have featured in films. So far.