Authenticity and Your Work

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There is most probably a science and an art to authenticity. I believe there is. But mainly there is the experience of it. And the noticing of it. A few weeks back this is what a group of us were immersed in. Subsequently I took glimpses of these encounters with the camera, and made this short piece of film …

Soul Biographies Live in London

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In a first ever public event, I’ll be opening up the Soul Biographies filming experience in front of a live audience in aid of the Forgiveness Project.

Evening of Monday July 6th at the extraordinary St Ethelburgas. Central London …

2015 Retreat & Workshop Schedule

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The 2015 Retreat and Workshop calendar is published. USA and Europe. The close up examination of the Soul Biographies method and application for organizations.

A Live Experiment in Film

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A Live Experiment in Film

What I have included here is unusual. An experiment if you like. I dare you to pay extremely close attention. You will need to. It is intricate, a meditation of sorts. It points to much, including the space in which films are made …

How to See Somebody Naked, a TED X talk by Nic

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How to See Somebody Naked, a TED X talk by Nic

‘… through the lens of his spellbinding Soul Biographies Human Portrait Series, Poet Film Maker Nic Askew explores the intangible space that exists between people, and wonders if implicit trust and non judgment is simpler and more profoundly important than we might assume’ …

Most Of All It Is Tremendously Deep.

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A few moments ago I sent this email out to a few people within a reasonable striking distance of London, England. About an event on the 4th and 5th December …

London December Event Film for Wide Eyed Leaders

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This piece, built from an unplanned telephone conversation, set out to in some fashion describe the experience of an upcoming London Event. But it ended up saying more about the nature of my work than many things I’ve attempted …