This is Important. This Might Be Us.

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As I wander this world, I experience a depth and openness in people. A way of being together. But I’m struck by the most common of responses to such experience. An isolating juxtaposition. It is painful, often admitted and it is lonely. It goes something like this …

Words by Way of an Invitation

I wrote these few words by way of general invitation to all Soul Biographies Programs;

To truly bear witness to another allows for a voice that seems rare in this age. A voice that doesn’t set out to convince the world of right and wrong. A voice that starts without knowing where it might end up. A voice alive with truth and vulnerability, that travels without fear of consequence. The unfiltered voice of the human soul. The strength and wisdom of such a voice can change the course of a life. Even an organization. This time is about such a voice. This is where we will go …

Washington DC Soul Biographies Method Day

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Washington DC Soul Biographies Method Day

Finally details are up for this immersive Soul Biographies Method Day. Built around the practical experience of live filming in the Soul Biographies Method. See the short audio film …

A Free to Use Coaches and Trainers Resource

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The Soul Biographies Collection has recently become a free to use Coaches and Trainers Resource …

A Book of Poetry, Finally

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A Book of Poetry, Finally

I’ve been writing poems, or perhaps aphorisms, for more than a few years. They have appeared in many books, just not my own. I never seem to have made the time. I’m with a publisher tomorrow …

PTSD + Navy Seal

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PTSD + Navy Seal

I took this Portrait of Christopher Maher at a recent Soul Biographies Retreat. He is an ex Navy Seal turned Healer, out of necessity. We are planning to investigate how we might work on PTSD together.

Sister Jenna Radio Interview and Washington DC Live Events

Sister Jenna Radio Interview and Washington DC Live Events

A Radio Interview. What might be the experience of filming Donald Trump, and more. And news of Washington DC Events 30th November and 1st December.

Dallas Film Night this Friday

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A close up evening of Soul Biographies and the experience behind the making of them. In a most extraordinary private residence. A converted church. Hosted by well known Dallas Entrepreneur. Soul Biographies viewers welcome …

New ‘Conflict Series’ Film Just Out

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New ‘Conflict Series’ Film Just Out

‘… if we were to lose these few things that we have left I think it would be a blow that we may not be able to recover from. Maybe the tribes would just blow away to the four directions.’

A brand new film from the Klamath Conflict Series is just out …

The Most Liberating of Dream Boards

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A while back, my drifting imagination fought into the long hours of a particular night before it came up with this liberating dream board …

It Still Shines into the World Through Her Bright Blue Eyes

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Here was one such message I received within a few hours of posting Charlie’s haunting photograph …

Dear Charlie

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Dear Charlie

Dear Charlie, I am to make your Film …


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I woke up at 5am this morning with a vivid plan in word and image outlining how I must teach the Soul Biographies Method of ‘How to See and Be Seen’. The Retreat is developing. Coffee is helping …

Dangerous to the Status Quo

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Dangerous to the Status Quo

My entire work is based on an ability to help people enter dangerous unprotected conversations (dangerous to the status quo) and somehow enabling this to be safe. No matter the person or the subject.

And so THIS …

The First Sight of Conflict

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The First Sight of Conflict

The first sight of film from the new Portrait Series looking into the depths of a very Human Conflict …

The Soul Biographies Experience

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The Soul Biographies Experience

I imagine the words of others to best describe the nature of these immersive transformational days.

So here they are …

Seven Under the Same Roof

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Seven Under the Same Roof

Six of us live under the same roof. Thought I’d introduce you to the other Five by way of their photographs. Caroline, Atlee, Ella, Gracie, the Dog and the Cat. Two whom have featured in films. So far …

Under New Direction

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Under New Direction

Since the LAST TIME I’ve journeyed far and wide. Yet nowhere in particular. This is a brief note to let you know that Soul Biographies will return in November. Under a new direction, of sorts. I will explain.

Additionally, after a decade of Mondays I’ve decided to work with Sunday. Morning in America, afternoon in Europe, the Asian evening and catching Australasia before the clock strikes 12.

You and me. First of November.

Two Words from the Voice on a Disconcerting Wind

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Two Words from the Voice on a Disconcerting Wind

An unexpected message concerning Soul Biographies …

Authenticity and Your Work

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There is most probably a science and an art to authenticity. I believe there is. But mainly there is the experience of it. And the noticing of it. A few weeks back this is what a group of us were immersed in. Subsequently I took glimpses of these encounters with the camera, and made this short piece of film …

Soul Biographies Live in London

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In a first ever public event, I’ll be opening up the Soul Biographies filming experience in front of a live audience in aid of the Forgiveness Project.

Evening of Monday July 6th at the extraordinary St Ethelburgas. Central London …

‘they’ said it was like breathing pure oxygen

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I gave an interview last month. ‘they’ said it was like breathing pure oxygen. You can hear it here …

Mother to a Son with Paranoid Schizophrenia

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Mother to a Son with Paranoid Schizophrenia

I’ve just completed another Film Portrait for the Schizophrenia Series. Janet is the subject. The Mother to a Paranoid Schizophrenic. It is quite possible that her experience will haunt you. Particularly if you have children. In the meantime this is the guitar track I recorded for the experience. With appropriate space …

New Human Portrait for Monday

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New Human Portrait for Monday

A brand new human portrait is screening on Monday.

It starts ‘I thought the best part of me was the actually the worst thing I could do.’ The opening to a perhaps disturbing yet hopeful two minute film. Delivered to the film list as ever.

Four 2015 Live Events and Two Scary Minutes for Coaches

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In 2015 I will be running four extremely close up Soul Biographies Live events. The booking is now open. And a two minute audio attached …