This is How an Organization Could Shoot Video

Posted by on Feb 24, 2017 in News, Organizations, Soul of Business

Video shot for websites in explanation of an organization’s work in the world is most often so obvious. So obviously selling you on an idea, if not something more concrete. So obviously disconnected.

When one understands the mechanics of authenticity on film, one can set out to bring life to important work without letting oneself down. Without the disability of in-congruence.

I’m in Germany next week doing just this. Defining the arc of an organization’s work and what message will help its true understanding. Then filming over the week for just that, amongst the under current of human presence. It is an art worth knowing. It will bring in the audience that previously couldn’t see, couldn’t connect, on account of the confines of so many inadequate words.

This will be a full and glorious week of immersion, connected people and creativity in film. A true exploration and discovery in service to a grand purpose.

If these few words define your challenge in some fashion, we should speak.

On Telling Truthful Organizational Stories

An audio interview containing thoughts and possibilities in the telling of truthful organizational stories. Actually I might have revealed it all. Or at least much of the nature of capturing authenticity in service of good work …

Leaders and the Responsibility of Inner Condition

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Leaders and the Responsibility of Inner Condition

Might the inner condition of a leader show up in those around them?

A three minute contemplative film in black and white.

On Justifying a Leadership Program

Posted by on Oct 30, 2014 in Films, Organizations, Soul of Business

A short and understanding observation for those responsible for running Leadership Programs inside Organizations. Alongside a three minute film …

The Leader Who Might Be a Fool

Posted by on Sep 23, 2014 in Soul of Business, Words

If you knew that the answers to the transformation of your organization lay somewhere inside, somewhere more profound than you first thought, then why on earth would you continue to tinker so unremittingly with systems, processes and external schemes?

Wouldn’t that show you to be a fool. Or simply scared of what might come.

Those That Surround Me

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Those That Surround Me

There’s something about Abner. It lives in his eyes, for all to see. The traumatic events of such a young life have obviously played their part in Abner’s appreciative state.

This human portrait is part of a ‘Transformation of Health Care Series’ …

Into the Depths of Business

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Into the Depths of Business

I have a new adventure in film about to launch, the ‘Soul of Business’. And one of my neighbors, who was helping me from my usual side of the camera, asked me the selling out question.
Hmm. Thanks Mike. I think.
This was my response …