Between You and Me, a film that explores the nature of a relationship. Watch together, if there is a together. If not, imagine.

Sometimes I imagine my greatest fear to be that you will not see what I see. That the rich and profound nature of all encounters sit waiting patiently to be recognized. To be useful to the experience of our lives.

And sometimes I imagine my films to be too gentle, leading me to feel compelled to shout from the rooftops what appears to be so very important. But then again, I have an idea that shouting and profound sit uncomfortably together in the same sentence. In which case raising my voice would be inappropriate.

And, I know that it’s not my responsibility to make anyone see anything. If I do hold any responsibility, it is simply to share what I see of people. Of what I see in people.

So know this. This film seems important to me. And my hope is that you can see what I see in the space between its two subjects, Ed and Merle.

As ever, I hope you catch yourself reflected. I hope you are left wondering, lost in ‘what if’.

Postscript. I never set out to make this. I had set out to catch Ed and Merle on camera in a long form film as a family legacy. A piece of filmic art that might live for generations to come.

But in our time together, ‘Between You and Me’ seemed so very obvious. A contribution to what relationship might become.

Note : I do make PORTRAITS on ‘commission’.


How much appreciation lives
in the space between
you and me?

How much gratitude lives
in the space between
you and me?

How much trust lives
in the space between
you and me?


How much love lives
in the space between
you and me?


The Film Guitar Track