This is a film about the nature of curiosity starring the ever curious Seth Godin. I recommend his deeply thoughtful daily BLOG.

This film was shot in 2007 at Seth’s place. It opens thus.

What’s a fundamentalist? ‘

‘A fundamentalist is a person who considers whether a fact is acceptable to their faith before they explore it.

The antithesis of curious.

And yet, this is what so many of us do unknowingly with the conversations that fill our everyday.

Do we ever really fully pay attention to a conversation with someone whose view we believe might be contrary to our own?

Do we truly listen? Which involves not simply waiting for our turn to speak.

Though many of us believe ourselves to be curious and wide open minded, are we really?

‘… it’s easy to underestimate how difficult it is for someone to become curious. Over and over and over again the curious are punished.’

BUT is that reasonable enough grounds not to be so?

‘Unprotected Conversation’

How brazen’ they said.

How threatening‘ they thought.

She’d talk with anyone.
With everyone.

Without caution, or regard
 to who
or how they were.

Or to where such
might lead.

Slaying make-beliefs and
uneasy truths along the way.

Such is the consequence of
unprotected conversation.

How irresponsible’ they said.

How courageous’ they thought.