The Hospice Community at Joseph’s House in Washington DC hold the belief that no one should live, or die alone. Welcome to On the Edge of Life and Death. It’s the film title, because Joseph’s House is just that. My hope is that this short film exposes at least some possibility for you. Perhaps in living, or even in dying, well. It has been described as ‘The Story of Caring‘.

To catch the sense of the depth of the experience of this hospice was the challenge. In poetic fashion, and not the drama of unfolding events. And in the end I was left with a single achingly simple question, ‘where is it that I belong?’. I imagine that question to speak volumes about the experience of Joseph’s House. And that experience to me, is courage personified.

The few minutes to the right will serve well as an introduction to this film. It’s an excerpt from the film screening premier in which I explain something of how and why I came to make the film. If ‘On the Edge of Life and Death’ moved you, and you’d like to support the extraordinary work at Joseph’s House in some small way, you can do so HERE.