When I was a child I’d hear a voice when I was being belted “… this that you are experiencing will be relevant to the totality of love that you experience.” I knew he was teaching me a lesson to love, to truly love without conditions.


There is much work out in the world that is beyond the description of the written word. Each attempt to describe it misses an entire dimension.

One of the more obvious ways to addressing the challenge of communication is to go to the source of such work, and reveal that. To bring to light its very essence.

Catherina has such work. And as so often happens, I received a call a number of years back saying something to the effect of ‘when I’m ready will you make my coming out film?’

This film is that ‘outing’. Pay attention, it has value for everyone in the possession of a heartbeat.

You may be interested in this German Adventure I’m taking with Catherina and her Think Love University Team. It is entitled ‘This is How an Organization Could Shoot Video’

NOTE, it appears that I have been gathering a growing number of characters who are in this world but not of it. I am wondering what we are to do together. As now might be the time.



Jayanie in 'Nowhere'

Jayanie and the Experience of Awakening

Byron Katie in "Is it True?'

Byron Katie and her Profound Inquiry

Lauri Feinsod in 'This Unframed Map'

Lauri Feinsod and Conscious Business