The Soul Biographies INNER VIEW METHOD is a way. The Art and Science of Human Witnessing. A way of eliciting authenticity, truth and intuitive intelligence. It’s a profound interview method. Used with or without a camera, designed for professionals and beginners alike. It’s a powerful way of capturing conscious authentic organizational stories. And of bringing immediate human connection into groups. All is learned through the visceral experience of a deep personal journey. It is an invitation to transform the way in which you engage the world.

Developed over the last 12 years by Soul Biographies Creator Nic Askew, a former Managing Director turned Educator and Film Maker, its major applications are for use in the fields of human development, interaction and exploration. Namely the fields of Coaching, Therapy, TV & Film Interview, Organizational Story Telling, Conflict Resolution, Hospice, Health and Youth Work, Personal and Organizational Development and More.

[SEE Participant Experience Testimonial Slides Below]

*ENVIRONMENT* How to locate, prepare and set up an environment for implicit trust, deep human connection and successful recording.

*HUMAN ATTENTION* An experiential study of the indefinable space that exists between people and the significant components of paying full conscious attention to another.

*AUTHENTICITY* How to reach the Human Interior. The mechanics of eliciting and capturing authentic human experience both on and off camera, and identification of where words are spoken from.

*INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE* The mechanics of intuitive intelligence, how to recognize it and use it in making significant decisions.

*THE ART OF NON DIRECTING* The components of setting context, embracing uncertainty, surrender and the freedom of non directing. And identifying the significant difference and cross-over between Interview and Inner View.

*TECHNICAL CAPTURE* The technical components of capturing the human experience using the video camera (cell phones to professional cameras). Including Framing, Image, Light, Sound, Simplicity of Environment Design and more. Taught for all levels of experience.

*POST CAPTURE* Editing, Production, Publishing and Effective Use of Video.

*CONSCIOUS STORY TELLING* The key components of conscious story telling, and how to articulate purpose and other important stories with authenticity. Including the use of written word alongside video.

*YOU ON FILM* An important element in the Core (and Mentoring) Program is that each participant walk away with powerful authentic film footage in service to their enterprise and/or personal transformation.

*CREATIVITY* How to reach the elements of artistry, originality, imagination and creativity in this process and outside it.

*PRACTICAL USE* A personal plan of action for effective use of what you have learned. And a guide to acquiring appropriate equipment.

*UNDERLYING COMPONENTS* A deep ongoing observation of the underlying components in the Method. Self Awareness, Clarity of In-Sight, Mindfulness and Self Acceptance.

*EXAMINATION OF YOUR LIFE* The curriculum (core and mentor programs) includes a profound examination of personal purpose and meaning. This is important as the quality of self awareness is interwoven in this method.

*ON GOING DEVELOPMENT* Options for ongoing development of expertise and practical use.

*FACEBOOK GROUP* Membership of an active Private Facebook Community.


For the first time a remotely accessible program taught by Nic. A Program over a few months in small cohorts. Using email, online, telephone and video coaching.

Details Coming Soon for early 2018 start. Send inquiry to get on the list.

Worldwide – Early 2018

A One Day Program covering a practical and usable introduction to the core curriculum delivered through the experience of live filming (the camera image is cast in real time on to cinema screen/s).

This Program can be brought into existing groups (e.g. Coaching Faculties, Marketing & Communications Agencies, Hospices). We will also have some open dates in European and US Cities in 2018.

The Main Inner View Program. Delivered over 5 Residential Days. Small intentionally put together groups. Learning through the visceral experience in front of the camera, behind the camera, as a close up witness to the process of others and the observation of one’s own experience on film.

Programs held in USA and the UK. NEXT Programs:

USA : 28 February – 4 March 2018
UK – March 2018

A year long Personal Mentoring Program with Nic. An Apprentice Program. Including a number of residential programs, regular coaching calls, video reviews, email, instant messaging and more. Inner Circle. Apply for details. Very few places.

There is also the possibility for organizations to have Nic Coach Onsite within Teams to help enable them to capture ongoing authenticity on film and develop story telling strategy.




 Inner View Virtual Coaching Program

 Inner View One Day Program

 Inner View Core Program

 Inner View Personal Mentoring Program

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Although the Method is taught as a tool for use in the human professions, at its heart is a profound method of SELF INQUIRY, IN-SIGHT and MINDFULNESS leading to an increased SELF AWARENESS. Evidenced by the admitted breakthroughs by countless participants, it’s clear that there is a significant experience of personal transformation in this curriculum. The intended consequence of learning through experience. Some choose to take part entirely for this element.


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