This is essentially about the visceral experience of surrender. A participant wrote ‘… in that silence everything changed forever.’ More words above.

For a decade and a half Nic has worked in support of the courageous who have led the charge into a more conscious world.

Nation, Organizational and Community Leaders. Leaders of Movements. And those who have been waiting in the wings.

All aware, yet not totally certain how to let such awareness into the world.

Each Inner View Session sets out to travel deep in support of your work or your place in the world. See ‘The Invitation‘ below.

You will end up with the black and white footage, shot in the Inner View Method. And the insight and direction that this profound experience will lead you towards. There is also the possibility of Nic making a Film Portrait from what has been captured (to be explored).

There exist THREE OPTIONS.

Up to a Two Hour Session using a Web Camera (Skype or Zoom) Note: ‘… after a series of experiments I have concluded that the conscious field that sits at the heart of the Inner View Method works over the internet. Given its very nature, of course it would.’ Nic Askew

Next Availability:

November: 8th, 9th, 27th, 29th

December: 5th, 11th

Send Inquiry for further details (use form below). From US$495 per session, incl. footage.

Live Filming as part of a small committed group, usually over a one or two days. You can gather your own private group, or join a session we put together.

Send Inquiry (use form below), and/or check dates and locations for open sessions in the CALENDAR. You will have more options if you are prepared to fly to Minneapolis, USA.

Price dependent on session/event configuration. Includes use of footage, and Photographic Portrait.

NOTE: the Inner View process run amongst an audience is perhaps as if not more powerful.

Private One on One time with Nic stretching from half a day to three days. And beyond for ongoing relationship.

Send inquiry  (use form below) to set up exploration interview. Nic speaks to everyone considering this nowhere to hide experience.

Price on Application.

You can use this for organizational and purpose/mission filming, and are assigned rights to use the footage.



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The Invitation. There’s a place beyond right and wrong. A place beyond the endless game of fixing what is seemingly broken. Beyond all your best efforts to make this life work, and to make your life’s work matter.

It’s here that you’re faced with the unfiltered voice of your own soul. A voice so unafraid that it’ll tell you of your place in the world. Of purpose and unquestionable clarity.

And of your belonging without condition.

It’s here that personal revelation can transform vulnerability into vivid displays of courage and strength. In service to profound connectedness and a meaningful life.


I know where this place is. And how to go there. Let’s travel together. Explorers in the most profound of senses.

The Invitation Full Recording / Full TEXT


A Note on the Experience of Witnessing in a Live Audience: “The room quietens as another film subject emerges deliberately from the audience. She, or he, approaches the Inner View Camera with something to say. Something worthwhile speaking. Words that have purpose, and an obvious use in his or her world. Perhaps even to the world at large. Words that set out to convince us all.

The subject sits. Close to the camera. Close to me. Eyes closed, ever deepening breath, as the spartan words of instruction remove any requirement from our time together. The point of being here, that was so vividly etched into a previously important list is now lost, as the image is cast in high contrast black and white to a large screen. Arrestingly beautiful. Always. We are all to be included unreservedly in this experience of the human soul made visible. Of humanity witnessed.

From a palpable and utter stillness, it is as if the subject ‘is spoken’. Words. And space. And an unbridled vulnerability of such profound importance that the audience cannot turn away.

Here there is nowhere to hide. Here there is no need to hide. Here there is the surrender of control, the control that kept us from seeing one another. From seeing ourselves. Here, for this moment in time there is freedom. And an experience that will most probably live deep within each of us.” Nic Askew