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See the full and challenging CURRICULUM. Get PDF Program Brochure using form below, or HERE. Note: these Programs live as a deep in the bones experience and not as an idea.

The Soul Biographies Inner View Method is a way. The Art and Science of Witnessing. A way of eliciting authenticity, truth and intuitive intelligence. It’s a profound interview method. Interview + Surrender. Used with or without a camera.

It’s a powerful way of capturing conscious authentic organizational and human stories. And to bring immediate human connection into groups.

It’s Professional/Vocational Development learned through the visceral experience of a deep personal journey, and an invitation to transform the way in which you engage your clients, yourself and the world.

Developed meticulously over the last 14 years by Soul Biographies Creator Nic Askew, a former Explorer turned Managing Director turned Educator and Film Maker, its major applications are for use in the fields of human development, interaction and exploration.

Namely the fields of Coaching, Therapy, TV & Film Interview, Organizational Story Telling, Business and Sales Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Hospice, Health and Youth Work, Personal and Organizational Development and More.

For reasons that become apparent, Coaches populate the Inner View Programs. As a Coach you will want to experience this free WEBINAR.

‘… the profundity of all of this is that you’ll learn by way of a visceral, practical and enduring experience how to see another, how to be seen, then how to see and accept oneself.’




There are 2 main options. The Foundation and the Immersion Program. All are delivered personally by Nic.

Which Program Is Right For You?

There is a full breakdown of the curriculum and the underlying principles, how the education and experience is delivered and the difference between the 2 programs HERE.

In 2019 we are adding a highly accessible 1 DAY INTRO PROGRAM, in major cities (London, Amsterdam, DC and Seattle included).


The Inner View Immersion Program. Delivered over 5 Days. Small intentionally put together groups. Learning through the visceral experience in front of the camera, behind the camera, as a close up witness to the process of others and the observation of one’s own experience on film.


USA : 14-18 NOVEMBER 2018

USA 13-17 MARCH 2019

UK 10-14 APRIL 2019

All prospective attendees will need to Apply. Fill out the request form.
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A Foundation Program over 2 full days. Larger group than the intensely personal experience of the Core Immersion Program but covering all elements of the curriculum delivered through the visceral experience of live filming. For professional and vocational development.

2018/2019 PROGRAMS:


UK 2019 DATE : TBC

[ some scholarship rates will be available ]


Introductory Pre-Note: ‘For more than a decade I’ve held back on committing words to what goes on in the witnessing process that happens so readily under these very specific circumstances. Recently this changed, as I was compelled to describe both the physical and metaphysical elements of this far from usual Method and its education. And whilst I have chosen to use words such as CURRICULUM, competencies and principles, I know that this way of seeing is awash with the surrender of control and an extraordinary mystery, of which we are an inseparable part. The knowing of this is most probably the point, and as such the education is rooted firmly in its experience. This should not live as an idea, and the Inner View experience has set out to avoid the very real and human danger of its intellectualization.’ Nic Askew.


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Nic hosts a regular Series of Webinar Meetings as an introduction to the work. These are a great way to absorb yourself in the content, practical application and feel of this work. All dates are now listed on the CALENDAR page.

Next date is 4 December. REGISTER for free.


A must listen for all on the coaching spectrum.

Words of Jane Douglas, Coaching Company CEO and Inner View Method Program participant.

Adrian Juric. Inner View Participant : 1m 49s


A 55m Free Inner View Educational Webinar


How To See Someone. Audio by Nic


66 Seconds

73 Seconds

50 Seconds