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The Dynamic Truth Process


The causes of much of what happens lie far deeper than we imagine. Yet mostly we look to the symptoms and waste our time, energy and resource. We doubt our businesses. We doubt our very lives. Unnecessarily. Nic’s Film Camera and Dynamic Truth Process takes its subjects on an unflinching Inner Journey to a place far beyond the the opinions of right and wrong. To uncover truth so that we may  act on it, and get on with important and purposeful work. With no distraction.

Centered around a Three Day Program. Using the film camera and human capacity in order to explore and find the source and personal definition of purpose in order to drive good work in the world from its very core. Designed for Small Business Owners and Organizational Managers. NEXT PROGRAMS are in Minneapolis, London and Los Angeles. Send inquiry for more. See details for the Free Masterclass on Purpose below. You’ll need to register, limited places for March date.


Product Description


Programs using Nic’s Dynamic Truth Process have undergone a redesign to include many new educational elements. In March 2017 Nic will host the first webinar Masterclass on Purpose. You can request to register below. Or request details on the next three Main Programs.

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