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The Invitation. There’s a place beyond right and wrong. A place beyond the endless game of fixing what is seemingly broken. Beyond all your best efforts to make this life work, and to make your life’s work matter.

It’s here that you’re faced with the unfiltered voice of your own soul. A voice so unafraid that it’ll tell you of your place in the world. Of purpose and unquestionable clarity. And of your belonging without condition.

It’s here that personal revelation can transform vulnerability into vivid displays of courage and strength.

In service to profound connectedness and a meaningful life.

I know where this place is. And how to go there. Let’s travel together. Explorers in the most profound of senses.

The Invitation Full Recording / Full TEXT

This experience is for those who are willing to go into totally uncharted territory. Register your interest, and Nic will let you know when, where and how this can happen.

NOTE: Minneapolis, USA is Nic’s home base and if you’re able to get there you stand a better chance of making this happen. When a group is ready a date is set. Nic also uses England as a European base, although travels widely too.





Product Description


This experience is the rawest of experiences with Nic’s Camera. Perhaps the very point of his work. For the truly courageous. You will be drawn inexorably to this. Or you won’t.

Some recent films captured during filming live amongst Soul Biographies Audiences. And some participant words that maybe of help.