soa-american-flag-960Finding the Soul of America

The United States of America is so obviously fractured. We live in troubled times. And as we fight to deem who and what is right, the fracture grows. And an increasingly divided society suffers inestimable consequence.

We talk about the symptoms believing they are the cause. But the cause of such human fracture lies deep. Far deeper than we’ve cared to look.

What if we were to gaze deeply into the Soul of this Nation. What if we were to listen to its innermost voice. A voice that exists far beyond the ideas of right and wrong.

Nic Askew’s Soul Biographies Method is revolutionary in its ability to elicit and capture on film what lies deep within people.

Nic and his team are to travel far and wide across this vast and fractured Nation, in order to capture its very Soul. To give voice to its innermost longing. And its outermost possibility. A nation turned inwards and the Soul of America defined for this new and unsettled age.



We will need your help in the making of this film series and in this journey of unbridled exploration. A journey in which you’ll be included. Much of the filming will be done amongst audiences. Living Rooms to Auditoriums.


We are now seeking PATRONS. The launch of a Crowdfunding Campaign is due in March 2017, as is news of how you might participate in this transformational journey.


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In the search for the Soul of America I know the voice that will point us there has a very particular tone. Such tone comes from a place beyond the opinion of right and wrong. From presence without need to convince. MICHAEL spoke with this tone. This fragment is a piece in an extraordinary puzzle.