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This is essentially about the visceral experience of surrender. A participant wrote '… in that silence everything changed forever.’ But what is it that might change for you, in this experience that appears to lie beyond the reach of words.

It may be that you are looking to articulate your known purpose with words that have been as yet left unsaid. Or catch a glimpse of a previously unrecognized purpose. The purpose of your very soul. Or learn to see others deeply through wide open eyes, in service to your work in the world. Or for the first time be truly seen as yourself. Or to fall in love with yourself and to fall out of pain. Or to become certain and appreciative about what it is that you already do and have. Or simply catch an authentic resemblance of yourself before it is too late. There are many other possibilities. That is the nature of this 'space'. Here is the invitation.

The Invitation. There's a place beyond right and wrong. A place beyond the endless game of fixing what is seemingly broken. Beyond all your best efforts to make this life work, and to make your life’s work matter.

It's here that you’re faced with the unfiltered voice of your own soul. A voice so unafraid that it'll tell you of your place in the world. Of purpose and unquestionable clarity. And of your belonging without condition.

It's here that personal revelation can transform vulnerability into vivid displays of courage and strength.

In service to profound connectedness and a meaningful life.

I know where this place is. And how to go there. Let's travel together. Explorers in the most profound of senses.



The Invitation Full Recording / Full TEXT

This experience is for those who are willing to go into totally uncharted territory in the realms of life, work and contribution. True exploration. The Journeys tend to be over 3 Days, and include the use of all film shot. Register your interest, and Nic will let you know when, where and how this can happen.

NOTE: next Retreat is 2-4 October on Orcas Island near SEATTLE, USA. In the pipeline, London, Minneapolis, Amsterdam, Dallas and more. Also available by private group invitation.

These Retreats are often held in amazing private homes. They suit the closeness of such an experience. If you'd like to talk about you hosting one, do contact us.


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A NOTE OF ADMISSION '… of late I've had to admit to the depth and gravity of this work. To own it fully. Despite the continued elusiveness of adequate words to describe the experience. Recently a participant journeyer stated that the claim was a vast claim. To travel to a place beyond right and wrong, a place beyond the endless game of fixing what is seemingly broken. And to capture it on film. But he was also clear that we had all gone there, a place of inner knowing where so much is made clear and from which everything might change.

YOU + MAKING A DECISION: in the last few years, it has become clear to me that each participant will make their decision based on an inexplicable calling to take part. Even though alongside such unreasoning might well sit a proper and fully formed physical reason (justification). Many have been described, most of which have held the quality of 'nothing will be the same' in the areas of life, work, contribution and the seeing of and connection with this human race.' Nic