You’re bone achingly tired from the relentless game of perpetual betterment. Along with its self-imposed imprisonment with no hope of remission.

Know this. There is a place beyond this endless game of fixing what is seemingly broken. A place beyond the perilous myth on which our human existence has built itself;

You are not yet enough and there is someone you must become.’

I know this extraordinary place, and how to go there.

Let’s travel together.

Explorers in the most profound of senses.

The Liberation ~ a mystical and unrelenting immersion into the light.

It is about the journey towards a liberation from this unwinnable game. Not the idea of liberation, but its immutable experience. The letting go of the game altogether. Liberation. Freedom. Peace.

It is from here that one can walk freely through this world.

This trial by fire and light is an original creation of Nic, following near two decades of profound observation and practical work with the inner world and the film camera.

The Soul Biographies Inner View Camera Method is used extensively throughout this experience. Participants leave with film of themselves speaking truth out loud from deep within their inner world, with all the shift in vision that this brings.

This experience is available individually (you travel to Nic, or Nic travels to you) or as part of a small group Immersion. The next is in July 2019, USA. Also to be held in UK. Send us a request for further details and to find out about the application process, using the form below.

NOTES: Group Size just 4-6. Includes all footage shot in Soul Biographies format and Photographic Portraits. And post Retreat work with Nic. Included during this time is an examination of dreams and purpose, and the whereabouts of and access to intuitive genius.


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