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I’m in a suburb. Perfectly symmetrical, perfectly safe.

And I know what to expect.

But I notice the subtle feeling of something missing.

Then I’m taken to the memory … [includes audio recording]

US Congress and the Two Fools in a Mirror

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A while ago a US Congressman accidentally appeared in front of my Inner View Camera in the midst of a reasonably sized audience. What happened has led us to explore if there is a place for both ‘sides’ of the US Political argument to sit still enough in front of the aforementioned Camera so that they are profoundly recognized by the other.

If they find the courage to pursue this truth, I shall let you know.

Here is ‘Two Fools in a Mirror’ …

The Invitation

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It’s 2am. You’re wide awake.
Feeling alone. Unseen.
And inexplicably lost.

Discontent despite all
that you have around you.

The people. Your life.
Your dreams.

You wear a face that tells
the world you’re OK,
but you’re not.
You’re bone achingly tired
from the relentless
game of belonging …

The Loss of Clothing

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I wrote these words about a journey many of us appear to be taking whether we consciously decided to or not. The journey towards awareness. And for those that are, I imagine the Soul Biographies Collection might serve as a place of respite from a nonsensical world.

The Loss of Clothing

A man clothed from
a wardrobe
fashioned by
his own success,
caught in-sight
as to the route
of his own
undeniable journey
towards awareness …

Forever on the Far Side

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I wrote this after noticing how a particular someone would consciously and very obviously avoid those who didn’t agree with his way in the world. The effect such obvious exclusion has on the world is vastly underestimated, and we could all stand to examine if we are ever complicit in such behavior. #exclusion #bullying

Forever on the Far Side

A man moves silently to
the far side of a room.

To the far side of
another man
circumstance …

A Question to Hold Perpetually Close

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I made this 4-minute film a few years ago for a movement within Hollywood seeking to change Hollywood and provoke a conscious lighting strike to the system from within the system. It opened the conference in a theater on Hollywood Boulevard with Jim Carrey, Eckhart Tolle, John Raatz, and many more.

This film was based on a poem I wrote in contribution to the purpose of the movement and was based on one singularly provocative question, a question that seems even more relevant today. A question you might do well to hold perpetually close …

‘Can You See The People Beyond Your Ideas Of Them?’

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Back in 2007, I remember saying something along these lines, “Edwin if you’re going to serve your country, can you see the people? And I mean truly see, beyond your ideas of them.”

And so Edwin and I set off around Guatemala to find its (human) soul. It was the first time that I’d showed someone what I was doing with the camera, how and why it was so important with respect to servant leadership and human connection.

Edwin is now a front runner in the Guatemalan Presidential Election.

During this journey, we witnessed people from every conceivable walk of life. A sight once seen, never forgotten. A sight of a Nation behind the distraction of its easily seen drama.

Filming was often done in quieter locations but here, a marketplace contributed to this great understanding …

For Anyone Who Has Ever Considered Sitting In Front Of This Camera

For Anyone Who Has Ever Considered Sitting In Front Of This Camera

These few minutes are for anyone who has ever considered sitting in front of the Soul Biographies Camera.

Patti Digh’s first book was entitled ‘Life is a Verb’. Many people read it. It may have started a movement. She had for many years intended to come to one of the Soul Biographies Inner View Programs. These few minutes articulate some of what happened when she did.

It is for those who have been underground. It is for those seeking a coming out …

On the Possibility of Nicaragua

On the Possibility of Nicaragua

Felix ended up in front of my camera. He is from Nicaragua. President Ortega had blamed him as a contributing factor to the protests that saw government troops end the lives of many hundreds of citizens.

After his arrest, he managed to escape and ended up in the apartment my camera and I were staying at in Guatemala City. His family had made their escape to somewhere in the United States before the worst could happen …

Notes From Behind The Inner View Camera

This is some of what I’ve come to understand about the components of speaking truth out loud. These few words point to the stark difference between ‘speaking to, or at’ the world with the expectation of something in return, and ‘being spoken’. I have also come to understand that is my work, and the very reason I was compelled to pick up the camera those many years ago …

I Needed To Die

These few minutes articulate something of Inner View, and in doing so reveal something of the human experience so beautifully elemental that it might change you and you won’t know why. The experience sits amongst and between the words. You will need to remain still, held in full and present attention. To me the binary nature of the human experience is clear when one notices where words come from …

The Artist Who Works with Nothing

A someone who recently sat in front of the Soul Biographies Camera woke up a few days ago with these unexpected few words in her imagination. She had no idea where they had come from. Or why, but thought that they pointed to something of importance with respect to this somewhat mysterious work […cont]

‘How To See Someone’ Audio

‘How To See Someone’ Audio

A while back I recorded a few minutes as a contribution to you remembering your innate capacity to ‘see’ another.

From deep within the Art and Science of Witnessing.

‘… after nearly 15 years in close proximity to the camera and the human soul, it has come down to the stark realization that there is nothing to do, and no one to do it. And that this sense of profound surrender is perhaps the greatest contribution anyone could make to the world.’

Details of the teaching of this way can be found here. Many are inexplicably drawn to the possibility.

If you’d like a download of this audio piece, send us a message …

It’s 2am. You’re Wide Awake. Feeling Alone. Unseen. And Inexplicably Lost.

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The Invitation

It’s 2am. You’re wide awake.
Feeling alone. Unseen.
And inexplicably lost.

Discontent despite all
that you have around you.

The people. Your life.
Your dreams.

You wear a face …

I Would Choose Truth Over Friendship, Always

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Late 2007. Our living room. One wintery Saturday morning. I turned to Caroline and without thinking said ‘I would choose truth over friendship, always.’ She agreed. It confirmed this path of ours. Of course, it has consequence. But we do have friends. Courageous ones.

The Politics of Belonging (and the Message from God)

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The Politics of Belonging (and the Message from God)

A clear skied and profoundly unusual Monday morning.

Two characters show up unannounced at Edwin Escobar’s city apartment. Edwin is amongst the front-runners in the Guatemala Presidential 2019 Elections.

Capellán Juan Noriega (pictured) was one of the unannounced. He has never voted in a Presidential election. 30 years a military man. A Colonel. Now a Capellán (Chaplain). Now representing 3,500 other Chaplains. Each politically uninvolved.

The very day before, he had received a message from God. He’d been told to come and meet this uncommon Politician. Face to face. To see if he was the ‘one’ …

On Cancer, Death Valley and A Bicycle

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On Cancer, Death Valley and A Bicycle

In October I filmed Robert Vogel at an Inner View Program. It was extraordinary. As many viewers have given testament to. I put the entire footage up, raw. You can see ‘A Thousand Moments’ without a password for the rest of this week.

“I am alive. I am pain-free. And I am loved.”

Robert has brain cancer but has found a way to keep it at bay. Vast amounts of hard physical exercise. Many hours a day. Much on a bicycle. Cycling often through the night into the early hours through dawn.

Now he has decided to ride for charity through Death Valley. You can sponsor him. But you’d have to do it today …

The Soul Of Your Work On Film

A full day of intensive filming with Nic for a very small group of participants (between 3 and 5). The objective will be to capture the essence of a participant’s work on film using the Inner View Method. Filming all day, with a full process involving multiple visits to the camera. The environment will be Retreat like. A full day lost in unbridled awareness. Filming from the conscious drop.

Current Dates; Washington DC Metro Area on 13th February. London, UK on 10th April. These dates in each City follows the Day Inner View Program. DC + LONDON.

Read more …

This Is Why Film Subjects Show Up As They Do

A few months back I was interviewed by Mary Alice Arthur as a part of the STORY THE FUTURE Project. I was subsequently told by someone who had studied the Inner View Method with me, that I really ought to listen back to it as my words articulated exactly what is going on with the camera and awareness. It concerns surrender.

So I did, and if you are drawn to understanding this way of seeing (how and why film subjects show up like they do in Soul Biographies) then bathe yourself in this audio interview. It is 42 minutes long, so find your time. Listen between the words. Even beyond the words …

Undivided and So Still Attention

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Before your words
of encouragement
and well-timed advice.

Before items gifted at
beyond an arms length.

Did you ever consider
the one thing that
might turn the
entire world
on its axis.

Your undivided
and so still attention …

The Tree of Dreams

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Many had gathered
under the
tree of dreams.

All but one stood
shaking its branches
for dreams to fall …

Gratitude inside 3 Minutes

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‘Gratitude in so many ways is so dramatically missing in the world today. Without gratitude nothing is enough.’

A 3 minute film …

Seeing Us As I See The Natural World

So many of us are able to remain still enough to absorb the magnificence of the natural world. To recognize the interconnectedness of it all.

Without need, and without opinion.

So how is it so remarkably challenging to sit and pay unbridled attention in similar fashion to each other. The interconnectedness of us all.

A 1 minute (square!) video …

Somebody Else’s Map. Somebody Else’s Markings

‘… you think you have a map in your hand that’s going to guide you to where you need to go. And as you walk along you realize the map you’re holding isn’t helping. It’s somebody else’s map. It’s somebody else’s markings on it.’

Two minutes on film, and the sense of an Interior Journey on Camera …

Articulating What Cannot Quite Be Said

Here is a note I recently sent to a the most recent Inner View Method Program Cohort.

Dear All, so this work as you know is a challenge to describe using the realm of words. What did you say when someone asked where had you been, and what had you done? …