A First Step into the Soul of America

Posted by on Apr 19, 2017 in News, Soul of America

Tuscon, next week. I am thinking that this is one of my more unhinged ideas. I have made the decision to capture the Soul of America on film. The ‘Why‘ seems clear and is described HERE. It seems important, to capture a voice that is so missing from the National dialogue.

But the ‘How‘ to set about such a task is perhaps the unhinged piece. I have an idea that to find the Soul of anything one needs to get utterly lost. To simply start somewhere, and take each step as it appears. And so I have picked a random City in which to start. Somewhere I have never been, somewhere where I know close to no-one.

And so on the 26th April, next Wednesday, I shall fly into Tucson, Arizona. Armed with a camera and an ability to elicit a conscious and meaningful voice from the subjects that will no doubt appear in front of my camera. As diverse a group of subjects as America is.

The entire way of this, my Soul Biographies work in the last 12 Years, is the way of surrender. When we film in amongst audiences this becomes self evident. You are welcome.

And so to the plan as it looks right now. A starting place. Thursday Coffee House discussions during the day, Dinner discussions in the evening. Friday and Saturday 2 or 3 filming slots for groups of around 10 people to get lost deep in discussion about the Soul of America. About our innermost longings and outermost possibility. A Sunday late afternoon Film Screening and discussion for a large group. And enough space in between it all to create meaningful gatherings in diverse parts of the community. Schools, Retirement Communities and the like. Perhaps by invitation. Surrender, that is the way. To get utterly lost without requirement.

There are 3 of us so far. Me + my two Tucson friends. Michael Luria and Kathleen Dreier. I am imagining we will grow in numbers. And shall start something unstoppable. You are welcome to join us here if you are close, or even if you are far away. See this as a band of open minded souls coming together in the creation of something worthwhile. An unplanned party of sorts with a deeply human connection at its core. Inclusive of all.

Locations are starting to become clear. I will post them in the SOA Blog thread, and on FACEBOOK. Or MESSAGE us to be informed. Of course, I will be elsewhere in the USA. Just not certain where yet.


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