A Kinder America

Posted by on Mar 20, 2017 in Films, Soul of America


In the search for the SOUL OF AMERICA I know the voice that will point us there has a very particular tone. Such tone comes from a place beyond the opinion of right and wrong. From presence without need to convince.

Michael spoke with such a tone. This fragment is a piece in an extraordinary puzzle.


These few minutes wonder if we might be a little more courageous, and connected. Whether we might be a little kinder, and a little more gracious and present in the absence of tragedy. Why would we WAIT?


Michael attended a recent PROGRAM of exploration using the Dynamic Truth Process (the Soul Biographies Method). He recently lost his 18 Year Old Daughter, Kelsey, to Leukemia.

When I can find a PATRON I will make a full Soul Biography from Michael’s haunting time in front of the camera. I believe his experience will be a valuable contribution to us all. We will need around US$5k to complete this.