A World that Passed by Unnoticed

Posted by on Aug 26, 2016 in Images, Observations, Words

An Unnoticed WorldWe spend so much of our lives looking out across this vast world, dreaming of movement to somewhere. To somewhere else. Focusing on easily distinguishable objects.

I’ve noticed that the possession of a macro lens, a lens that allows a camera to focus on minute detail, encourages one to notice the world that exists in close proximity. A world that always existed but most probably passed by unnoticed.

Perhaps where we happen to be holds more than we once imagined. More wonder. And more possibility.

This few square inches of tree bark caught hold of my imagination a few days ago. Perhaps it was inspired by dinner with Film Maker Louie Schwarztberg a few weeks back.

In any case, let the image serve as a metaphor. And a call to (a very different) action.