Articulating What Cannot Quite Be Said

66 Seconds

73 Seconds

50 Seconds

Here is a note I recently sent to a the most recent Inner View Method Program Cohort.

Dear All, so this work as you know is a challenge to describe using the realm of words. What did you say when someone asked where had you been, and what had you done?

And so it remains the eternal challenge to pass on the invitation. For me, for those who have been exposed to Inner View Method itself and for those who have even simply been exposed to the Soul Biographies Films.

And so I spend my time making short invitations with photographs and poetic oblique words and short film pieces inspired from that place we each recognized so vividly. I imagine they go some way in helping articulate what cannot quite be said, the deeper nature of it all and in doing so act to extend the invitation to all who might be drawn to the mystery. And of course to the innate practical skill, alongside all its magnificent benefits, of simply paying full and unbridled attention to another.

Next Programs with availability, MARCH in USA and APRIL in UK. There is a free WEBINAR on the December 4.

Read the CURRICULUM. If you dare.