The Invitation

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It’s 2am. You’re wide awake.
Feeling alone. Unseen.
And inexplicably lost.

Discontent despite all
that you have around you.

The people. Your life.
Your dreams.

You wear a face that tells
the world you’re OK,
but you’re not.
You’re bone achingly tired
from the relentless
game of belonging …


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I’m in a suburb. Perfectly symmetrical, perfectly safe.

And I know what to expect.

But I notice the subtle feeling of something missing.

Then I’m taken to the memory … [includes audio recording]

A Question to Hold Perpetually Close

Posted by on May 25, 2019 in Audio, Films

I made this 4-minute film a few years ago for a movement within Hollywood seeking to change Hollywood and provoke a conscious lighting strike to the system from within the system. It opened the conference in a theater on Hollywood Boulevard with Jim Carrey, Eckhart Tolle, John Raatz, and many more.

This film was based on a poem I wrote in contribution to the purpose of the movement and was based on one singularly provocative question, a question that seems even more relevant today. A question you might do well to hold perpetually close …

This Is Why Film Subjects Show Up As They Do

A few months back I was interviewed by Mary Alice Arthur as a part of the STORY THE FUTURE Project. I was subsequently told by someone who had studied the Inner View Method with me, that I really ought to listen back to it as my words articulated exactly what is going on with the camera and awareness. It concerns surrender.

So I did, and if you are drawn to understanding this way of seeing (how and why film subjects show up like they do in Soul Biographies) then bathe yourself in this audio interview. It is 42 minutes long, so find your time. Listen between the words. Even beyond the words …

Presence Before the Story

The words that people say are pretty much insignificant when set next to how they are. This is important to understand if one is to catch the ‘stories’ of this human race. An AUDIO FILM …

Guitar for the Soul of America

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I imagine that this search for the Soul of America and the many and diverse inner voices I shall share with you through film will require me to record many more original guitar pieces. This does not appear to be a hardship …

Guitar to Which You Might Dream

Posted by on Jan 1, 2017 in Audio, Guitar, Images

Guitar to which you might dream. The image I took on the edge of last winter.

Sister Jenna Radio Interview and Washington DC Live Events

Sister Jenna Radio Interview and Washington DC Live Events

A Radio Interview. What might be the experience of filming Donald Trump, and more. And news of Washington DC Events 30th November and 1st December.

On Telling Truthful Organizational Stories

An audio interview containing thoughts and possibilities in the telling of truthful organizational stories. Actually I might have revealed it all. Or at least much of the nature of capturing authenticity in service of good work …

For Those With Insomnia

Posted by on Mar 5, 2016 in Audio, Guitar

I often just start playing (the guitar) with no idea where to go. This afternoon I restrung the guitar and this is where I went. One track, one take. Kind of thing I play to the kids at bedtime.

It was suggested by some that this is useful to listen to when attempting to fall asleep.

Mother to a Son with Paranoid Schizophrenia

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Mother to a Son with Paranoid Schizophrenia

I’ve just completed another Film Portrait for the Schizophrenia Series. Janet is the subject. The Mother to a Paranoid Schizophrenic. It is quite possible that her experience will haunt you. Particularly if you have children. In the meantime this is the guitar track I recorded for the experience. With appropriate space …

Film Guitar on SoundCloud

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I’ve uploaded a few more short reflective guitar pieces to my SoundCloud Page. I’ll post them there as I record them, alongside notes and stories of why …

Voice of Leadership Interview

Posted by on Apr 2, 2014 in Audio, Interviews

Nic’s films are of the courageous, and for the courageous. This downloadable audio interview is revealing of the process of making a Soul Biography.