La Literati Interview Recording

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LA LITERATI radio interview. 45 minutes. Plus download. Contains much to do with the way I make films.

The Boy You Once Were

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The Boy You Once Were

The six minute film ‘The Possibility of Men’
will screening here on Monday 14th April 2014.
Uncomfortable and inspiring in the same breath …

That April Fools was a Joke

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That April Fools was a Joke

On April First I posted the following on Facebook. It was a joke, just to be clear …

Your Leader Portrait in Dallas

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I’m filming in Dallas in early May. Have time for one organization interested in a LEADER PORTRAIT in black and white film. Of course the film is always about more than simply a film and the articulation of an organization’s mission in the world.

The Depths of a Journey into Cancer

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This coming Monday’s film is from my early catalog, a film that catches the experience of a journey into cancer …

Permanent Collection Growing

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The Permanent Film Collection is growing. I’m adding around 3 films each week at the moment. I imagine it will end up a sizeable, useful and searchable resource for those looking for many different things.

Happy Films for ‘UN’ Happiness Day

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Today is UN International Happiness Day, ‘… the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal.’ As such, I’ll be posting a stack of short happy films on my FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages throughout the day.

Into the Depths of Business

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Into the Depths of Business

I have a new adventure in film about to launch, the ‘Soul of Business’. And one of my neighbors, who was helping me from my usual side of the camera, asked me the selling out question.
Hmm. Thanks Mike. I think.
This was my response …

Your Relationship with Money

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Your Relationship with Money

A first screening of ‘For the Love of Money’ on Monday 24th March.
A new 7 minute film exploring the depth of our
profound relationship with money …

For the Love of Money

Posted by on Feb 13, 2014 in News

I am close to completing a film entitled ‘For the Love of Money’. I imagine it to catch something of the deep deep nature of money. A nature that so many of us look straight past, causing us untold pain.

I will schedule into screen here in March.

Finally an Intro Film

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Finally, a short sequence by way of introduction to the Soul Biographies and other films …

The Experience of the Introvert

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The Experience of the Introvert

Does the pace of this world cause you to falter? Does it sometimes make you want to fill your lungs with available air and scream ‘stop this ride I want to get off’? Introverts film makes its way to the Permanent Collection.

New York, Dallas and Europe

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I’m planning a New York and Dallas film trip in January & February if anyone is interested in exploring the possibility of working together. Europe in June.

A Money Film in the Making

Posted by on Dec 10, 2013 in News, Words

I am currently making a film on the nature of money. It appears that money might not be all it seems.

Do I need to join the list?

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A note to all who were previously members of the Soul Biographies Film List, you do NOT need to join or rejoin anything. If you are not a member then perhaps you’d consider joining this band of 10,000 like minded souls.

In the Beginning

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WELCOME to this new work in progress. This theater for what might turn out to be a common dream.

Something is a foot …