Truth, Friction and the Grand Human Predicament

Posted by on Jan 11, 2020 in Guatemala, News, Observations, Words

In the period of just one solitary week, I was faced with three starkly similar experiences, each pointing to the challenge that truth faces in acquiring the oxygen it needs to do its work.

The first was a message from Edwin Escobar. I have been helping him in his run for President of his Country. His call to service emanates from somewhere deep beyond just thoughtful, and his notions of servant leadership are that one cannot hope to effectively serve a community from outside the community. An Ivory Tower doesn’t work. One has to understand people. One has to truly know people. Proximity and visible accountability are important.

His proposal to up-end Guatemala’s political system and move power from Congress and the Presidential Palace to the municipalities was always going to be a threat. It was always going to face a dark reaction. This particular day with just a week or so to go before voting, he was unceremoniously removed from the ballot.

The second experience was a distressed telephone call with a Senior Manager at one of the World’s most revered Institutions …

Forever on the Far Side

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I wrote this after noticing how a particular someone would consciously and very obviously avoid those who didn’t agree with his way in the world. The effect such obvious exclusion has on the world is vastly underestimated, and we could all stand to examine if we are ever complicit in such behavior. #exclusion #bullying

Forever on the Far Side

A man moves silently to
the far side of a room.

To the far side of
another man
circumstance …

A Rethink on Leonard Cohen’s Near Immortal Line

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Having re-read the #LeonardCohen near immortal line “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”, I got to wondering if perhaps the light might have already been inside attempting an escape. And if that was the case then what that might say to the journey of becoming a someone.

A four sentence poem + a 3 minutes film …

The Meaning of Cake

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Might we exist in a world of too much, where much of that much doesn’t actually bring us what we are truly after.

And so a few words on the subject, written in view of a large cake stand … ‘The Meaning of Cake’.

This I Believe

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If we were to truly see each other from behind the folly of our own opinion, we might remember that we each belong without exception.

This is What I Do

I am not entirely certain why I am able to do this but I am certain that this is what I do.

I have the capacity to see people deeply. And I am able to elicit and capture on film the experience of inner worlds. It seems important because this is where truth lies. And with truth comes clarity. And with clarity comes vast possibility. This is what I do. For the courageous, its application is far reaching.

A World that Passed by Unnoticed

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A World that Passed by Unnoticed

We spend so much of our lives looking out across this vast world, dreaming of movement to somewhere. To somewhere else. Focusing on easily distinguishable objects …

Talking About Not Talking

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Talking About Not Talking

Tim Gallwey, Inner Game of Tennis Tim, and I speak often. And for hours and hours. Barbara, Tim’s partner, often ends up having to forcibly separate him from the phone in order to fulfill some prior engagement. She’s great. A while ago, we clocked up a three conversation about not talking. Odd. The irony of it all …

Significant Work and Hidden Brands

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It’s easy for us to deem significant work as that involved in the actions that contribute to the alleviation of suffering, or to the obvious development of the human lot. To ‘saving the world’.
But in holding to such a view we might miss the significance of an extraordinary workplace …

Self Portrait

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Self Portrait

Often one can look and look but not see. And in doing so miss the entire world …

Rules Carved in Stone, or Not

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This is part of my response to a viewer, who after seeing a film trailer requested that I change the title of the film.

‘I knew that ‘Between You and I’ broke a rule. Subjective v Objective and all that. Knowledge founded on years of studying tortuous Latin in an ancient English boarding school probably …’

So Very Lost

Posted by on Dec 21, 2013 in Observations, Words

It occurs to me just how many have never thought to experience the world through the very different perspective of another. And how many might.

It’s perhaps why we seem so very lost to ourselves.

Those who were left at Newtown

Posted by on Dec 14, 2013 in Observations, Words

A year ago today I gave a talk at Georgetown University, and premiered a film on the deep visceral and lonely experience of grief. The experience was unusual. It seemed to echo.

Later I heard the news of the Newtown Shootings, and realized that many in the audience already knew.

I imagine this film had made it all the more real …

The Four Things that Matter Most

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Just four statements. Using just eleven words.

Which would seem appropriate words to use well before one’s dying breath.

On Slavery, Darkness and Possibility

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On Slavery, Darkness and Possibility

I saw ’12 Years a Slave’. A shockingly bleak and disturbing film by any measure. Beautifully composed, haunting, and far beyond our need for entertainment. An important experience for an open mind. And I was left wondering about the nature of wealth built on human suffering …

Where is it that you belong?

Posted by on Dec 6, 2013 in Observations, Words

In this latest film, I believe the final question to be haunting. One of those questions that won’t wear a definitive answer well. Then I realized that it’s missing a sister question that is perhaps the more important of the two …

Our Mind Numbingly Average Conversations

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013 in Observations, Words

Of recent, I’ve noticed in stark black and white just how narrow and shallow most conversations are. Spinning in perpetual safety. And in mind numbing averageness …

Are you Falling Awake?

Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in Observations, Words

I’m wondering whether the process of falling awake might describe in some measure myself and viewers of my films. And if so, where does that leave us? Can we just let ourselves fall, or is there a need to push?