The Most Unusual Game of Walkabout

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There was a time where I was almost between Worlds. The Business World and the World that would come. But a World I didn’t know existed. And I made a game up. In retrospect it drew my notice to something that would define the way of Soul Biographies. The way of so much that I now experience. Last week I sat in front of the camera, and recounted the experience of this game …

Seeking One Courageous Business Owner

One place has come free for a courageous Business Owner on the Dynamic Truth Process Program in Hertfordshire, UK on 17-19 July. Film + Truth + Purpose …

He Died. We Never Filmed.

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A while ago I received a note from someone within an Organization I’d once been speaking to about making a Portrait Film of their Founder. Not for any commercial sake, but to catch the spirit of the intention of it all.

He died. We never filmed. And that someone let me know that it remains a great regret.

One Day Workshop near London

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A single immersive day with the very experience of Soul Biographies at its heart and enough of the elements of the Method to inspire you to change way you see people with or without a camera. Much live filming …


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I woke up at 5am this morning with a vivid plan in word and image outlining how I must teach the Soul Biographies Method of ‘How to See and Be Seen’. The Retreat is developing. Coffee is helping …

Dangerous to the Status Quo

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Dangerous to the Status Quo

My entire work is based on an ability to help people enter dangerous unprotected conversations (dangerous to the status quo) and somehow enabling this to be safe. No matter the person or the subject.

And so THIS …

Authenticity and Your Work

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There is most probably a science and an art to authenticity. I believe there is. But mainly there is the experience of it. And the noticing of it. A few weeks back this is what a group of us were immersed in. Subsequently I took glimpses of these encounters with the camera, and made this short piece of film …

Four 2015 Live Events and Two Scary Minutes for Coaches

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In 2015 I will be running four extremely close up Soul Biographies Live events. The booking is now open. And a two minute audio attached …

I’ve Written an Unusual Intro

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I have written an unusual introduction to the possibilities of working together …

London, Amsterdam and DC

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Work closely with me in extremely small groups (4) over a number of ‘retreat’ style days to learn how to articulate your organization’s meaningful work in the world with disarming authenticity. London. Amsterdam and Washington DC …

Your Leader Portrait in Dallas

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I’m filming in Dallas in early May. Have time for one organization interested in a LEADER PORTRAIT in black and white film. Of course the film is always about more than simply a film and the articulation of an organization’s mission in the world.

This is for the Courageous

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I wrote a few words on the possibility of us working together. Somehow they see more honest than some of the words that have come before. They start ‘… who am I fooling. This is for the courageous.’