Man’s Best Friend

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Man’s Best Friend

A man sits quietly with his dog.

He often sits quietly with his dog.

She, with her ‘this is enough’ face.
He, with his matching ‘nothing
need be different’ expression …

A Book of Poetry, Finally

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A Book of Poetry, Finally

I’ve been writing poems, or perhaps aphorisms, for more than a few years. They have appeared in many books, just not my own. I never seem to have made the time. I’m with a publisher tomorrow …

A World that Passed by Unnoticed

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A World that Passed by Unnoticed

We spend so much of our lives looking out across this vast world, dreaming of movement to somewhere. To somewhere else. Focusing on easily distinguishable objects …

Talking About Not Talking

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Talking About Not Talking

Tim Gallwey, Inner Game of Tennis Tim, and I speak often. And for hours and hours. Barbara, Tim’s partner, often ends up having to forcibly separate him from the phone in order to fulfill some prior engagement. She’s great. A while ago, we clocked up a three conversation about not talking. Odd. The irony of it all …

Broken and Seemingly Alone

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Last week I caught sight of this tree, broken and seemingly alone. That is until I attended a lecture on the latest research observing that trees are connected and act on behalf of each other when in need. Perhaps most fragments in this natural world have such capacity. You and me included …

The Most Liberating of Dream Boards

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A while back, my drifting imagination fought into the long hours of a particular night before it came up with this liberating dream board …

Significant Work and Hidden Brands

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It’s easy for us to deem significant work as that involved in the actions that contribute to the alleviation of suffering, or to the obvious development of the human lot. To ‘saving the world’.
But in holding to such a view we might miss the significance of an extraordinary workplace …

It Still Shines into the World Through Her Bright Blue Eyes

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 in News, Words

Here was one such message I received within a few hours of posting Charlie’s haunting photograph …

The Premise of It All

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‘I imagine that the causes of much of what happens in our lives lie far deeper than we imagine. It’s just that we seldom look far enough beneath the surface.’

This is the very premise of my work in the world.

Can Albert Come Out to Play?

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He knocked on the back door. Three times. As he always had. Heavily worn trouser knees. Spectacles sat at the end of an elderly nose. And eighty two well-used years under his belt.

‘Can Albert come out to play?’ …

The Edges of the Sky

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For if you don’t,
you may as well
round your
and shuffle lifelessly
towards a cold
unwelcoming grave …

Leaders and the Responsibility of Inner Condition

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Leaders and the Responsibility of Inner Condition

Might the inner condition of a leader show up in those around them?

A three minute contemplative film in black and white.

He Wandered the Woods, Dirty and Ragged

Posted by on Nov 20, 2015 in Viewer Words, Words

I received these words from a viewer who had just seen Mark’s Film.

I had a neighbor and friend, named Andy, who used to find his way into my house, sit in the rocking chair in my bedroom, and wait for me to come home. I would find bouquets of weeds on the hood of my car. He would be watching me for days, standing so still I wouldn’t know he was there …

A Note to the Literal

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A few words for those who lean towards the literal. I am a poet, a film maker and an all-round disruptive influence. Much of what I say is metaphorical. Perhaps half. It’s just that you might not always know which half. It is for good reason …

Mr. Askew you’re a disruptive influence

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I answered the telephone mid afternoon. The caller stated these words clear as day, and as loud as the night is quiet.

‘… Mr. Askew you are a disruptive influence.’

‘Are you sure?’, I replied.

A Foolhardy Desire

Posted by on Jan 23, 2015 in Words

I imagine each life to have a point. Hidden. Deeply personal. To be uncovered along an odyssey of uncontrollable experiences. And so I’d imagine it foolhardy to look at the circumstance of the life of another, and believe that your own requires the same.

Imponderable Vast Question

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Sent to a friend heading off into the middle of somewhere terribly remote, ‘… have a magnificent adventure, and do ask that imponderable vast question to which I imagine the wilderness has always held the answer,’ …

Above and Below Average

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“Every day make the decision to do the right thing that will set you apart from being average.”

I saw this quote today and was struck by the dangers of seeing this world through a comparative lens …

Surrounded in the Key of B Flat

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Running like a fool.
In a circle.
The same circle.
Looking different,
but actually
the same.

Oh shit …

The Leader Who Might Be a Fool

Posted by on Sep 23, 2014 in Soul of Business, Words

If you knew that the answers to the transformation of your organization lay somewhere inside, somewhere more profound than you first thought, then why on earth would you continue to tinker so unremittingly with systems, processes and external schemes?

Wouldn’t that show you to be a fool. Or simply scared of what might come.

What was Picasso Really Like?

Posted by on Sep 20, 2014 in Words

Might much of recorded history be a sequence of events offering little sense of the inner experience of those who have helped shape the world …

Seth Godin’s Curiosity in the Collection

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Seth Godin’s Curiosity in the Collection

‘… a fundamentalist is a person who considers whether a fact is acceptable to their faith before they explore it.’ A four minute film on the nature of curiosity starring the ever curious Seth Godin.

I Usually Weep

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Viewer comment … ‘Bahahahahaha laughed out loud at this one, whereas I usually weep during your movies.’

As if the Dream were the Chooser

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It occurs to me that I haven’t chosen an easy life. Soul Biographies is entirely without prior direction. Might the dream have been the chooser …

When My Kids are Old Enough

Posted by on Aug 15, 2014 in Words

I receive many emails and letters about the films. Many are long, vulnerable and profound. This morning I received an email that wasn’t long, vulnerable or seemingly profound. But the last line was profound to me …