If I had lived Four Centuries Past

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If I had lived Four Centuries Past

If I had lived four Centuries past, I’d imagine myself to have been a portrait painter. Setting out to catch the human predicament in the medium of that age. But I find myself here, and now. And the subtlety of our human condition would seem to lend itself well to the medium of this age …

The This and That of Dreams

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Her dreams said this, but her actions said that.

Perhaps there are No Words

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Soul Biographies remains a challenge. A challenge to find adequate words by way of description.
Perhaps the films will remain an enigma …

Into the Depths of Business

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Into the Depths of Business

I have a new adventure in film about to launch, the ‘Soul of Business’. And one of my neighbors, who was helping me from my usual side of the camera, asked me the selling out question.
Hmm. Thanks Mike. I think.
This was my response …

Like the Experience of a First Date

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Like the experience of a first date (that went well) played over and over in one’s imagination. Like the repetitive playing of a dearly loved album. I see each Soul Biography, as rich enough to play again and again. And again. Each time falling a little deeper. And a little more in love with this world.

Inflicted By A Quiet Curiosity

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Inflicted By A Quiet Curiosity

I located this interview from 2010 that featured in a book by Shann Vander Leek entitled ‘Life On Your Terms’. It included the words from ‘The Adventure of Uncertainty’ and exposes something of Soul Biographies …

Rules Carved in Stone, or Not

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This is part of my response to a viewer, who after seeing a film trailer requested that I change the title of the film.

‘I knew that ‘Between You and I’ broke a rule. Subjective v Objective and all that. Knowledge founded on years of studying tortuous Latin in an ancient English boarding school probably …’

Do Not Attempt if Distracted

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In explanation of this unusual film instruction. There are two ways in which we can experience a film. Actually, there are two ways in which we can experience any human encounter …

Corporate Food

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Today he ate corporate food.

Gleaming faultless in it’s perfectly
designed container. The perfect
actor in its own marketing legend.

Perfect to a first glance,
untruthful to a second.

And with his each mouthful
truth would fall a little
further from the world.

The Experience of the Introvert

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The Experience of the Introvert

Does the pace of this world cause you to falter? Does it sometimes make you want to fill your lungs with available air and scream ‘stop this ride I want to get off’? Introverts film makes its way to the Permanent Collection.

Here, or Not

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I wrote these few words to open a film I made in 2013.
For me these words seem perpetual.

‘Here, or Not‘

More fool the man
whose very soul
stands apart
from the life
he chooses.

The Wrong Mountain

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There was a man,
who could have been
any of us and probably is,

Who, after a long arduous ascent
full of grit and sacrifice,
glanced back across the horizon …

So Very Lost

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It occurs to me just how many have never thought to experience the world through the very different perspective of another. And how many might.

It’s perhaps why we seem so very lost to ourselves.

Those who were left at Newtown

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A year ago today I gave a talk at Georgetown University, and premiered a film on the deep visceral and lonely experience of grief. The experience was unusual. It seemed to echo.

Later I heard the news of the Newtown Shootings, and realized that many in the audience already knew.

I imagine this film had made it all the more real …

The Four Things that Matter Most

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Just four statements. Using just eleven words.

Which would seem appropriate words to use well before one’s dying breath.

This is for the Courageous

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I wrote a few words on the possibility of us working together. Somehow they see more honest than some of the words that have come before. They start ‘… who am I fooling. This is for the courageous.’

A Money Film in the Making

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I am currently making a film on the nature of money. It appears that money might not be all it seems.

On Slavery, Darkness and Possibility

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On Slavery, Darkness and Possibility

I saw ’12 Years a Slave’. A shockingly bleak and disturbing film by any measure. Beautifully composed, haunting, and far beyond our need for entertainment. An important experience for an open mind. And I was left wondering about the nature of wealth built on human suffering …

Where is it that you belong?

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In this latest film, I believe the final question to be haunting. One of those questions that won’t wear a definitive answer well. Then I realized that it’s missing a sister question that is perhaps the more important of the two …

Our Mind Numbingly Average Conversations

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Of recent, I’ve noticed in stark black and white just how narrow and shallow most conversations are. Spinning in perpetual safety. And in mind numbing averageness …

Are you Falling Awake?

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I’m wondering whether the process of falling awake might describe in some measure myself and viewers of my films. And if so, where does that leave us? Can we just let ourselves fall, or is there a need to push?

Inextricable Problems

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Here’s a working theory. If we are all inextricably connected, it would follow that so are the problems that face us.

In the Beginning

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WELCOME to this new work in progress. This theater for what might turn out to be a common dream.

Something is a foot …