Do Not Attempt if Distracted

Posted by on Jan 25, 2014 in Words

DO NOT ATTEMPT IF DISTRACTED ~ in explanation of this unusual film instruction.

There are two ways in which we can experience a film. Actually, there are two ways in which we can experience any human encounter.

The more common is distracted. We look, we listen and we feel. But our mind is in many places.

Do we agree or disagree? What are we to get out of this investment in time? Where on earth is this headed? Have we seen something similar? And then there’s ability for the mind to wander far from the subject altogether. The space between is full of opinion, judgment, need and other opaque qualities.

That is distraction, with its ability to miss the entire experience.

The complexion of this modern world doesn’t help.

And then there is full attention. To the exclusion of all else. Here a film might wash over you. Without need for analysis. Without need. It is here that we connect with the world and with each other. It is here that a life is truly experienced. And it is here that I’d love for you to experience these films. For it is here that the each film has been made.

So switch off the world. Just for these few minutes. Play full screen. Dim the lights and use headphones if you have to. Select your moment well.

And experience another as perhaps you once did.