For Anyone Who Has Ever Considered Sitting In Front Of This Camera

These few minutes are for anyone who has ever considered sitting in front of the Soul Biographies Camera.

‘… it’s brought me back to a sense of wonder and seeing.’

Patti Digh’s first book was entitled ‘Life is a Verb’. Many people read it. It may have started a movement.


She had for many years intended to come to one of the Soul Biographies Inner View Programs. These few minutes articulate some of what happened when she did.

It is for those who have been underground. It is for those seeking a coming out.

‘… I haven’t found those spaces before but now I know I carry them with me.’

Each year, a LIFE IS A VERB CAMP is held in North Carolina. This year’s theme is presence. I shall be filming there throughout, with the live image cast onto a large projection screen for all to lose themselves in. Presence, just pure presence. THIS is the way of it.

If you would like to investigate something similar (I often film live at people’s transformational events) send a MESSAGE.



66 Seconds

73 Seconds

50 Seconds