Posted by on Jun 18, 2020 in Poetry


We are fragile. You and me.

Though we act strong,
our lives are
held together with
thoughts of where
we might be tomorrow.
And of disappointed

At any moment we might shatter.
We might fall to our knees
weighed down by the terror
of being so far from
our own control.

Dare we look up, we’d not know
where to go or what to do.

We are fragile. You and me.

If we were to turn to each other,
we might see the whole world
on their knees.
Hurting, and seemingly

But none of us are.

We are fragile together.



NOTE: in the next week or so I am to record this as an audio (alongside some of my guitar), and am considering making it into a film using a number of the (fragile) human photographic portraits (some already seen on this site). I will email out to the LIST when I have completed the mission.



Click Image to See Human Portraits in Video