How Business Owners Get Purpose Wrong

Many business owners find it extremely challenging to articulate their purpose. To tell the world why they do what they do. It is important to do this in truthful and authentic fashion. It is important for founders and their reasons to be clearly seen. To be recognized without pretense.

After more than a decade of looking at how one can catch this well on film, it has become evident that the challenge exists because the originators of important work approach its explanation from the wrong place. And that their words do not match their inner sense of purpose because they are not spoken from the interior world.

When the simplicity and profundity of this is understood, there exists the freedom to tell the world the truth, to magnificent effect.

I will be demonstrating practically a METHOD for how purpose can be found and articulated from the interior world. In Amsterdam on the 26 April. An intensive day of live filming and learning how to elicit authenticity, truth and intuitive intelligence.

Click the EVENT PAGE for more details or to book your place.

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