I Needed To Die

‘… I so much needed to die.’

Raul flew in from Florence, Italy to take part in the Inner View Immersion in the USA. 5 long, gentle but unrelenting but days with nowhere to hide.

As is the case in all such Programs, the participants spend time on both sides of the Inner View Camera.

In these few minutes Raul articulates something of the sense of this all, and in doing so reveals something of the human experience so beautifully elemental that it might change you and you won’t know why *. The experience sits amongst and between his words. You will need to remain still, held in full and present attention.

To me the binary nature of the human experience is clear when one notices where words come from. Is someone speaking from their need ‘to be someone‘ in this life, or are they being spoken. The film camera has the capacity to make ‘where‘ glaringly obvious.

* a year or so ago, an INNER VIEW participant without thinking stood bolt upright and said that this experience was the very experience Brené Brown writes so articulately about. Vulnerability. And that it had just been set alight in her veins. That said, imagine the experience of such surrendered vulnerability live and in the moment, and broadcast to a large cinema screen at your event. Might it change the nature of the event – organization  – work – movement? It has for many.


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