If I had lived Four Centuries Past

Posted by on Apr 5, 2014 in Words


If I had lived four Centuries past, I’d imagine myself to have been a portrait painter. Dutch perhaps. Setting out to catch the human predicament in the medium of that age.

But I find myself here, and now. And the subtlety of our human condition would seem to lend itself well to the medium of this age. Human experience is well caught between the frames of a film. Though it requires all concerned to be present. Viewer included. It probably always has.

And as I look to the horizon, I imagine Soul Biographies to hold the possibility of relevance for the many ages to come. Inner journeys have always held similar tone. And most probably always will.

So here I am, camera and imagination in hand. With the challenge of how. How might I leave behind me a meaningful library of human portraits in black and white film. Inclusive of all the so-different physical shades of this unfathomable human race. And inclusive of the invisible thread that binds each and every one of us inextricably together. As evidence that you and I belong, no matter what.