In a Far Off Corner

Posted by on Mar 23, 2016 in Poetry

In a far off corner of a wide wide world
lies the circumstance that faces another.

A circumstance so abject that life
never really begins. And then it
dies quietly, announced by
an unheard whisper.

And from our corner of this world,
safe and secure under bejeweled roofs,
we pay our cursory glance of sympathy.

We forget that all corners connect, and
that the experience of each life lives
within us all. Albeit in disguise.

And we miss the possibility hidden
in the circumstance of another.

The possibility that compassion might soften
the edges of our own uneven experience,
and that the simple act of togetherness
might liberate our disheartened lives.

There are no far off corners
in this wide wide world.

And there are no separate lives.