Know That There Are Many Of Us

Posted by on Dec 26, 2017 in Poetry

Such words take time. As one Soul Biographies viewer emailed yesterday ‘as always, your words float and then sink deep.’

If you haven’t recognized the disappointment of the many ‘dead ends’ then these words might seem like they’ve been written by a fool. Perhaps they have. They were written at 5am a few days ago.

Know That There Are Many Of Us

Most of what you have
will give you little
of what you need.

Most of what you do,
will bring you
no closer to
where you could be.

As this age marches on,
exposing truth
along its way,
the desires that lit
times gone by
fall to your side.

A yearning is exposed.

A disquiet colored
with the painful
absence of certainty.

If you dare, let this
yearning become the
guiding light to
your every footstep.
To your every breath.

For all other guides
will lead you to
the disappointment
of yet another
dead end.

Know that my yearning
is your yearning. Is
our yearning.

Know that there
are many of us.

Each daring the same.