Most Of All It Is Tremendously Deep.

Posted by on Oct 2, 2014 in Events, News

A few moments ago I sent this email out to a few people within a reasonable striking distance of London, England.

Here’s the news, well my news. I’m back in London in December (4,5) with two challenging and immersive days. The two days are gathered around participants connecting with and articulating the purpose of their work/organisation (on camera). Includes much FILMING. Of you, or you who want to.

I think purpose is the challenge of this age, and so many of us have it. Less are able to articulate and use it well. And of course, there is the running through the Soul Biographies ‘method’ in all its infinite detail (and this time practically). And the working out how one can use video to great effect in the telling of organisational stories.

Most of all it is tremendously deep. Connection usually is.