New York Meet Up on Monday

Posted by on Sep 28, 2014 in News


In days past, when on film trips, I used to meet up with Soul Biographies Viewers, simply to talk about everything and nothing in particular. It was usually in a reasonably large sized city. London, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Washington DC and the like. Numbers never mattered. An unprotected conversation is an unprotected conversation no matter the count. It ended up between just four of us, and thirty. Most of what I create follows some sense of the unknown. So Meet Ups, which is what I’ll refer to these events as, are in synch.

UPDATED : on Monday 29th September, I’ll be in New York City. Meet Up 4-6.30pm. Location the B Bar and Grill at 40th East 4th Street. All details posted on FACEBOOK or MESSAGE me.