No Need To Explain Ourselves

Posted by on Jan 4, 2018 in News, Words

A few days back, I drank good coffee with a someone who had recognized what lies deep within the films.

We imagined that those who do recognize this ‘it’ that runs through everything (films included), have no need to explain themselves to each other. And that this is freedom. We also spoke of the  predicament – that we cannot always find each other.

I imagine this to be the role of Soul Biographies. To make this interior vision physical, so that we can find each other. I am always struck by how immediately Soul Biographies viewers drop most all pretense and appear like they have known each other forever.

This morning he wrote ‘I am grateful for your ways.’

I wrote back ‘And I am grateful that yet another person in the world shares such ways.’

I am now left with the thought that there is work to be done in helping us find each other.