On Justifying a Leadership Program

Posted by on Oct 30, 2014 in Films, Organizations, Soul of Business

For the next few days I’m filming inside an Organization’s Internal Leadership Academy. With the challenge of catching sight of, and bringing to the obvious foreground, the intangible and powerful sense that they can’t quite put their finger on.

Of worthwhile NOTE : here’s what I’ve heard from many, and I really do mean many, individuals who are responsible for running ‘Leadership Academy’s and Programs‘. Many organizations have made the investment in ‘the inner development of the leader‘ but still struggle with justifying Return on Investment. Largely because of the intangible and almost unmeasurable quality of it all. And so the individual who holds the responsibility is forever looking over their shoulder and seeking to justify the existence of such an obviously powerful venture. It seems this is an arena in which my camera and imagination works well. The intangible made ‘seen’, so that such programs are not so readily questioned, and are left alone to do their important and conscious work without unnecessary interruption.

This very short portrait I shot a few years back, might ring true for many in this perhaps unenviable position.