On Slavery, Darkness and Possibility

Posted by on Dec 7, 2013 in Observations, Words

I saw ’12 YEARS A SLAVE’. A shockingly bleak and disturbing film by any measure. Beautifully composed, haunting, and far beyond our need for entertainment. An important experience for an open mind.

And I was left wondering about the nature of wealth built on human suffering. The beautiful Southern properties that stand elegantly in each evening sun. Artfully built, but built on the misery of generations of slaves.

How must their very nature unknowingly affect those that now live in places with such dark histories. I imagine they do, in at least some small measure. As do so many places that have lived through such dismal human events. Perhaps much of history. Perhaps all contributing to our challenging search for peace and freedom.

And if this possibility holds any truth – ask yourself if you’d buy a house in which a recent macabre act of violence had taken place – the obvious next thought in the sequence is a wondering about how many of the elements of my life are littered with the product of dark moments. Perhaps not quite so dark, but dark nonetheless.

Household objects built with self profit in mind and suffering a consequence. Food manufactured with so many best interests avoided. Media delivered wearing only one of two faces.

Slavery Chains Image

Of course, the intangible darkness is often well hidden from view. But being hidden from view seems no excuse. It may allow us to turn our head without attributable shame, but turning one’s head has always had a personal consequence. Albeit easily deniable.

With awareness we have a choice. And with such choice, an ability to act and change everything.

Might we have missed the opportunity to let dark objects fall from our lives?

Might you let dark objects fall from your life?