On the Possibility of Nicaragua

Felix ended up in front of my camera. He is from Nicaragua. President Ortega had blamed him as a contributing factor to the protests that saw government troops end the lives of many hundreds of citizens.

After his arrest, he managed to escape and ended up in the apartment my camera and I were staying at in Guatemala City.

His family had made their escape to somewhere in the United States before the worst could happen.

We filmed in Spanish, a language I don’t speak. This is not unusual for this Inner View camera of mine. Where the words come from are more important than the words themselves. When a subject is literally ‘being spoken’, there is an absence of the drama of right and wrong. But there does a exist an overwhelming sense of something true. A human soul witnessed.

The only direction in this instance was for Felix to wait until he was consumed by words that would give life to the sheer human possibility of his country. They did, and although I never had them translated I remember their look as if it was yesterday.

I took this photograph. Perhaps you can see.

NOTE: It is important to understand that everyone in front of this camera would receive the same unbiased and unopinionated atmosphere, which ever side of an argument they might find themselves. Because its focus is trained on somewhere behind all ideas, all stories, and all opinions.