Significant Work and Hidden Brands

Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in Observations, Organizations, Words

It’s easy for us to deem significant work as that involved in the actions that contribute to the alleviation of suffering, or to the obvious development of the human lot. To ‘saving the world’.

But in holding to such a view we might miss the significance of an extraordinary workplace. Where lives are held as central. And each participant is in some way enriched. Be it customer, employee or supplier. These are workplaces in which each of us might delight in the process of business, and human encounter. In which we ourselves might transform. Imagine that.

And such places exist mostly hidden amongst the ranks of every day organizations, no matter their business. Existing without badges of honor, or an obvious place in our hearts.

And it’s here that an opportunity is missed. For a deserving place in peoples hearts. Missed as we continue to obsess in telling the world what we do. I imagine that it’s in the way such organizations are, that their identities, or brands, might best be articulated. Truthfully. If only they’d say. And just because it’s a challenge to articulate, to find the words, doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. And when the words come, they are most probably words worth shouting from the roof tops. Words that might change the way we all see the possibility of organizations.

For those with organizations that would stand up to an examination of the truth, there is both a need and a vast opportunity to tell stories in a different, more raw and honest fashion.