Talking About Not Talking

Posted by on Aug 9, 2016 in Observations, Words


Tim Gallwey, Inner Game of Tennis Tim, and I speak often. And for hours and hours. Barbara, Tim’s partner, often ends up having to forcibly  separate him from the phone in order to fulfill some prior engagement. She’s great.

A while ago, we clocked up a three hour conversation about not talking. Odd. The irony of it all.

A week or so ago, Tim emailed me this. An after thought. Or rather a thought thought after.

It’s not really about talking or not talking, but where you are talking and listening from. Same with where are you paying attention from is more powerful than what are you paying attention to.’

Now that is worth pondering. And possibly another lengthy conversation. Or not.


Here is the film I made with Tim about 11 years ago. He thought I was a journalist, I didn’t know who he was. Perfect recipe to get lost. Which is mostly the point.