The American Voice We Ignore

Posted by on Apr 21, 2017 in News, Soul of America

I recently heard an intelligent radio program. About the divide in America and what might be done to bring the Nation together. You know the type of considered program. Intelligent views from a number of ‘sides’. But they were views. They were opinions. They absorbed the mind in extravagant possibility. But views and opinions shall never recognize their opposites. They shall never resolve conflict. At best they might agree to live alongside each other. To tolerate.

Understand this, there is an essential part of each of us that is capable of extraordinary feats. Of resolution. Of understanding. Of unbounded human connection. It is here that we might live with each other, not simply alongside in shades of tolerance.

This Nation has an inner voice. A voice that’s been mostly ignored. A voice that exists beyond the opinions of right and wrong. And I am determined to capture the visceral experience of this transformational voice on film. So that we might recognize each other. So that we might remember who we are.

First stop Tucson, Arizona next week. More soon on this amazing coming together of people I never before knew. As I get utterly lost in the American landscape, perhaps the only way to find something of true value.

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