In the Beginning

Posted by on Nov 25, 2013 in News, Words

WELCOME to this new work in progress. This theater for what might turn out to be a common dream.

Something is a foot. I can feel it as I breathe. And so, I set out to build a new structure amongst whose bones I’ll be able move with freedom. And with bolder intention.

So expect more. More words, certainly more words. And of course, more film, and exploration of the human soul. And of the very practical challenges we face as organizations, communities and quiet revolutions. And, as human beings searching for meaning, and a well used life.

I’m certain that this is the time for me to come out from behind the camera. To be seen. To me this feels metaphorical. Yet I know the challenge is literal. So expect that.

In this moment, the new site is simply a structure. Films and words from the past will arrive there soon enough. Alongside the yet to be created. No rules, no walls. No exclusion. No previously laid out master plan.

You’ll notice that this new site acts as if it were a gallery. With its Permanent Collection, and Weekly Exhibit. The Permanent Collection will house many films, words, images and notions. But not all my work. The Weekly Exhibit, which will take form over the months ahead, will come and go. A list member passcode will allow you to see each Exhibit for longer. And access more films.

I should add that Creative Commons had not worked as I thought it might. Little does. I guess that’s the very nature of exploration along any previously untrodden path.

So here I stand, with the challenge to articulate my vivid dreams and bold notions, and to include you all on their journey. So expect more. Soon. And welcome to this new adventure in open imagination. NIC