The Meaning of Cake

Posted by on Jun 2, 2017 in Observations, Poetry, Words

Might we exist in a world of too much, where much of that much doesn’t actually bring us what we are truly after.

And so a few words on the subject, written in view of a large cake stand …

The Meaning of Cake

She stared into the slice of cake,
as it sat unenthusiastically
beside her coffee.

It seemed cake was everywhere.

And cake had been her downfall.
Or so she’d thought.

It had been a while since
she’d seen her toes.

She remembered back to a time
when cake was rare.
When the very mention
of cake lit her smile.
When cake meant something.

But now there was too much.
There was too much of everything.

And the too much had numbed her
to the experience of the world.

As she stared into the slice,
she dreamed of a time
of not too much.
Where, once again,
cake would mean something.