The Politics of Belonging (and the Message from God)

Posted by on Mar 6, 2019 in Behind the Film

The Politics of Belonging (and the Message from God)

A clear skied and profoundly unusual Monday morning.

Two characters show up unannounced at Edwin Escobar’s city apartment. Edwin is amongst the front-runners in the Guatemala Presidential 2019 Elections.

Capellán Juan Noriega (pictured) was one of the unannounced. He has never voted in a Presidential election. 30 years a military man. A Colonel. Now a Capellán (Chaplain). Now representing 3,500 other Chaplains. Each politically uninvolved.

The very day before, he had received a message from God. He’d been told to come and meet this uncommon Politician. Face to face. To see if he was the ‘one’.

Over the next few hours the conversation searched far and deep into the Candidate’s Soul, and reached its conclusion. He is the ‘one’. And he will receive the Chaplain’s support. And that of the other 3,500 Chaplains.

Perhaps faith and politics must live together, if this World is to change. The deep and unfathomable faith in humanity that exists as a possibility within each of us. The faith that is without formal structure, yet who’s experience probably caused all religions. The faith that is the consequence of a profound knowing that we all belong unconditionally to a single connected human family. The politics of belonging, in which we all have a place and a part to play.

Indeed, it is such faith in connectedness and belonging that might compel service on behalf of all. Service without bias, or favor. And it is such faith that might remedy prejudice, corruption and the long list of behaviors caused by human darkness.

In this Central American Nation there is a very real possibility of a conscious shift in the political realm.

It is time for political service to be driven from such an conscious vantage point, so that attention can be placed on that very thing that might change everything: truth, and the courage to act accordingly on behalf of us all.

It is time for political force to embolden us to turn towards each other. To see beyond our inculturated opinions of each other. The absence of faith in our inter-connectedness has had consequence for too long.

It is time for a sea change.


Capellán Juan Noriega spent time in front of the Soul Biographies camera.

NOTE: Edwin Escobar is a front-runner in the Guatemala Presidential 2019 Elections. I am helping him in the realm of transparency, truth, mission and the film camera. We have a long history in the depth of this profound journey, stretching back to a chance encounter at MIT in 2007. More HERE.