The Search for the Soul of America Has Taken a First Step

Posted by on Feb 17, 2017 in News, Soul of America


This transformational journey of sheer exploration is just getting underway. I have a distinct notion of where and how to look, but exploration is exploration. It has to suspend all believe and opinion, then venture down blind alleys and around darkened corners in order to find truth.

I will need everyone’s help on this.

First filming was explosive, in that it has become so very clear that the subject matter is highly charged. I know for certain that the voice of this journey has to come from a place beyond right and wrong. And that it may take patience and time for some to speak with such a voice.

For now join the LIST for film footage and live filming tour dates, and do pass the word on to those who might appreciate joining this transformational human journey.

I will be sharing aspects of this explorative journey regularly. In film, word, image and more.

This will be the FACEBOOK PAGE for the journey. Join us there for the conversation.