The Smile That Fell Off

Posted by on Nov 25, 2015 in Films, Poetry

How could anyone hope to see her?

Through the brilliant white teeth
of a smile that unwillingly joined
her two ears. A smile forced
by a need to belong, and
the hard work of seventeen
independent muscles. All
who should’ve known better.

But her smile appeared to work.
It attracted more smiles.
Albeit the nervous smiles of
a similar unwilling disposition.

Her smile was acceptable.
Sometimes even comforting
to those around her.

But it lived in her teeth and not
in her eyes, so would fall from
her face when people were
looking the other way.

When they did look in her direction,
no one could actually see her.
Through the sorry gleam of
those brilliant white teeth.

And as no one could see her,
no one could wrap their
arms around her. Which is
all she had ever wanted.